Trees 1 on The South Tynedale Railway, A

Living and working in an area of outstanding natural beauty in Cumbria, Helen is influenced by the beauty and majesty of the landscape that surrounds her.  More recently her work has aimed to comment on the crisis we face regarding Climate Change and the detrimental effects of our consumerism.  She has begun to explore materials in the landscape to paint the landscape.  Peat, moss, elderberry and rosehip are applied to a strong paper to create an abstract landscape where the whole experience of being in the landscape is developed on the surface.   She also applies non recyclable plastics as paint as a total contrast to this,  to ask the viewer to consider where our plastic goes once we have finished with it.      

Helen was Artist in Residence at Rydal Mount and Gardens, Cumbria from 2019 to 2020.  Working in what was William Wordsworth's home and gardens and witnessing first hand the legacy of his interest and passion for the environment has greatly influenced her work.

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