Seeing the Spiritual

‘But in the mountains did he feel his faith;

There did he see the writing – all things there

Breathed immortality, revolving life,

And greatness still revolving infinite;’

William Wordsworth

The Excursion-The Wanderer

Sitting in the garden on a cold and wintery morning at Rydal Mount, planning my next painting, I am touched by the force of nature, even on a such an inhospitable day. The Greater Spotted Woodpecker busies himself around me, almost cheekily teasing me with his presence, whilst the sun occasionally forces her way through the trees to wash the whole garden with a kaleidoscopic array of green.

As artist in residence at Rydal Mount I am following 5 themes throughout the year, echoing those found in Wordsworth poetry and I am just finishing off my latest painting on the theme of Spirituality before moving onto Emotions and Feelings.

Wordsworth’s poetry shows us his spiritual connection with nature, whilst his gardens continue this connection 250 years on from his birth, with the vibrancy of their colour and life. Even at this time of the year, vivid greens dominate the landscape and equally my palette.

Green is the colour of life, symbolising renewal, energy, harmony and rebirth. In Muslim countries it is a holy colour and in the Ming Dynasty it was the colour of the heavens. If you get the chance to visit Rydal Mount and Gardens, you might just glimpse a little bit of that heaven for yourself. I certainly did this morning. You’ll also get to view my paintings of the house and gardens, which are currently on display in the Tea Room, where you will see as well as paint, I use non-recyclable plastic on my work to ask the viewer to consider what will happen to our beautiful landscape if we don’t rethink the way we treat our world.

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