Looking from Isabella's Terrace

Looking from Isabella's Terrace


Mixed media, including oil, pastel, peat on canvas

18 inches x 24 inches


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    This piece was created at the end of my year long artist in residence at Rydal Mount and Gardens - home of William Wordsworth from 1813 to his death in 1850 in the Lake District, Cumbria, England.
    Looking from Isabella's Terrace, towards the home of such an influential poet, knowing that he not only created the gardens where I stood, but walked across the terrace creating poetry that lives on is a humbling experience.
    It is the expression of the physical experience of being in such a place, alongside the almost visual assault of being in such a beautiful and magical garden that I have tried to capture in this painting. I was greatly influenced by the thinking of Wordsworth and his attitude towards nature and the environment during my residence. I hope this work reflects this. Like 'Release into the Landscape' I have used elements of the landscape as mark making such as peat and rosehips.