Nenthead Mines triptych
  • Nenthead Mines triptych


    Oil and non-recyclable plastic on three individual canvases

    33 inches x 72 inches x 2.5 inches


    This painting is a triptych made up of three independent canvases that would work well separately as well as hung together. It is inspired by Nenthead Mines, an area of Alston Moor where I live. It is a vast old mining area and is entrenched in the history of the area. The colours reflect the landscape above the ground as well as below, and shapes sweep across the canvas, as the wind sweeps across the hills.
    Drone footage helped to capture shapes and contours to develop a view of a landscape more complex than simply looking. The painting reflects being 'in' the landscape - its history, its weather, its isolation but also its connection with man.