Release into The Landscape

Release into The Landscape


Mixed Media on paper, including Peat, Elderberry, Rosehip

23.5 inches x 23.5 inches



This work was created just after lockdown in the UK. Living in the North Pennines, in the north of England, lockdown was more of a privilege than a curse. This work was created out of a collaborative project where I and a group of photographers encouraged others to go out into the landscape and appreciate it's beauty and healing qualities following a period of isolation. The abstract nature of the piece is as a result of immersing oneself, and encouraging others to immerse themselves in the experience of being in the landscape - how it feels, sounds, looks etc.
The media used is a combination of traditional materials such as oil paints and pastels, combined with peat, moss, elderberry and rosehip collected from the landscape itself and then used to make marks on the surface that describe the experience of being released into the landscape in such a beautiful, expressive part of the world.