Original painting by Helen Johnson artist.

Mixed media, including peat, single use plastic, oil, ink and pastel on watercolour paper

6.5 inches x 26.5 inches

Framed and mounted in a black frame, white mount

View from Windy Hall, Alston

  • This painting is of a view of Alston Moor - an area of outstanding natural beauty in the North Pennines, Cumbria and where I live.
    Whilst it is not a large painting, the view is vast and the long thin shape of the piece aims to create a feeling of scale.
    The semi abstract nature of the painting expresses the feeling and experience of being in the landscape, from the changing weather, to the isolation of the view.
    Using a combination of traditional materials such as oil paint and pastel, with the more unconventional medium of peat taken from Alston Moor, I aimed for the final painting to be an immersion into the landscape, rather than a mere photographic copy of it.