Winter Sun print
  • Winter Sun print


    This print is from an original painting by Helen Johnson

    Mixed media on paper, including single use plastic, peat and homemade charcoal

    12 inches x 8 inches


    • More details

      This work is inspired by walking in winter sunshine along a stretch of railway line, where the trees allow the occasional glimpse of sunshine to fracture through into sight.
      The painting is mixed media on watercolour paper and includes plastic melded onto the paper alongside peat found in the landscape it refers to. I am interested in the effects of man on the environment and often include plastics in my work in contrast to peat and other natural materials to emphasise the incongruity of non-biodegradable products in our beautiful landscape.
      When walking, there is no fixed view, more a collection of images, memories and sensations that come and go as you move along the way. These are mingled with the thoughts and feelings you bring with you into the landscape, and this painting reflects this. It is part of two other paintings reflecting the winter of 2020/ 2021, during lockdown.